Friday, September 13, 2013

Anyway, so we were saying...

     I'm not pointing fingers, but it was Hulford.

"Boo hoo, I'm Hulford.. :( "

      So we've been away for a while. I've been working a lot of night shifts. Hulford's been feeding a lot of ducks in parks. Generally, we've just been pretty busy with "life" stuff to pump any juice into our internet personas, but here we are still. Blowing the dust off this old fella and hopping right back into full swing!

  MOVIES I LIKED (or saw) 

  -Man of Steel  Oh go to Hell, it was good. There was some pretty great iconic Superman imagery. It looked nice and clean. The performances were all for the most part good enough. Hey, I'm not saying it was a masterpiece. I will however call it the best Superman movie I've ever seen, and that's something right? All that being said, the ending was a little too much. Spoiler Alert: Superman causes the deaths of nearly three quarters the population of Metropolis. B-

  -Elysium  Exceeded my expectations after I heard bad reviews. There was nothing wrong with this movie. It just didn't have the same freshness or surprise factor that District 9 did, but that doesn't make it not as good. Not better, but I will say as good. Lots of video game influence about, like District 9, and Sharlto Copley's villain is by far my favorite of all villains this year. That man is an insane actor. B

-Pacific Rim  This movie was pretty fun and very chaotic. It's hard to pinpoint exactly who or what it is actually about at times, but that might be what it has going for it. It flies off the seat of its pants. You can't blame a movie for being cartoonish and a little off the beaten path if it never claimed to not be. Charlie Kelly gave it a go in this and nailed it. Arguably the main character. Lets argue! B+

-This is the End  Pretty much what I had expected. A little more at times. Some of it was a little "inside" at times. You're expected to know these people, and you really don't. The jokes were all pretty great though. Jonah Hill was pretty funny. The ending was fun. It was fun. I like fun movies. B+

-The World's End  This one was a little tricky for me. I really wanted to like it a lot, and that may be what was wrong with it. I had gone in expecting too much. Don't get me wrong, these folks are great joke-makers. I was laughing out loud for the most part, but the story did not engage or convince me much. Maybe because I'm not quite as old as the people who wrote it yet? Maybe because I'm not British? Or maybe they just didn't get as drunk as advertised, which is strange to be disappointed by, but it's true. They don't. Hell, I've only seen it once, and I'm sure that after a second or third viewing I will grow to appreciate World's End. I will say that the climax scene was very enjoyable. C+


-Europa Report  This movie surprised me. It seems these days that good science fiction has been downsized to what it actually would be: Six people confined to a very small area for a very extended amount of time. Laser guns have been replaced by boredom. All the magic is happening outside the vessel, and has little importance to the story. My kinda movie! The performances were all great. Once again, Sharlto Copley is an insane actor. That all being sad, it could have done without all the exposition, but that's not a complaint or anything. Watch it! A-

     So anyway, I'll wrap this up real quick for now. We'll be around here and there. We've got a producer/intern now. Steve "Minotaur" Richardson has agreed to help us out with a few things, and... Oh shit, yeah by the way, we're trying to get back to the moon, but nobody likes us.  Steve says he can get us there, but I don't know... Lets find out together!


"I'll see you in your dreams!"