Friday, February 12, 2016

There's Been An Awakening...

     Hello, fellow travellers! The time has come, yet again, to blow the dust off this old thing and get our asses back into gear. So, that's what we've been doing, very... very... slowly. Basically, we all have lives, outside the Moon, and those lives put the Lunar Media Broadcast on hold for a while. But we're coming back, full swing, and we got a few new members, whom you will meet later.
     Anyway, for those of you who don't know who we are, we are Lunar Media. We had a podcast a few years back that consisted of myself (John Windsor,) David Hulford and our hyper-intelligent dolphin pal, Kudos. We called the podcast the Lunar Media Broadcast, and in it we would discuss current movies and video games, and other such entertainment, as they came out in real time, from our moon-base on the Moon. That big grey ball you see in the sky.
^^ This thing, up there. 
 We voiced our opinions and ideas on the people who made such movies and games, etc... and we presented our voices to the world (You) in the best way that we knew how. Not a whole lot of people caught on at first, but it was fun to do for the time that we did it, and then we ended it pretty abruptly, out of lack of time to sit around talking into microphones.
We have cameras now!
    But here we are again, and we've got a few new members in our crew. Two STEVES actually. Stephen Chandler, who will be taking care of most of the video editing and camera work and whatnot, and Stephen Richardson, who is and expert in SOUND. We've got a new show called "Movies by Memory" where we recall and recite to you, the viewer, the entirety of a movie, one episode at a time, and we've got some other ideas we've been kicking around that we think you'll enjoy too.
We'll have live feeds of us playing video games, and other kinds of video content, and we're gonna start back up the good old-fashioned podcast as well. So that all should be up fairly soon on our YouTube channel, which will also be up and running fairly soon, once we've worked all the kinks out. And of course, you can find everything on here and on our Facebook page, and who knows, maybe we'll have a Twitter account pretty soon, for those of you who like Twitter.
     Ya got it? All good? Great! So anyway, sit tight. Maybe do some other things for the time being, like kiss your loved ones, or kiss other people. Get done all the kissing you need to get done, and we should be good by the time you're done all of your kissing.

See? We're working! (That's us working.)

Thanks for being patient! It's good to be back! See you soon!


Friday, September 13, 2013

Anyway, so we were saying...

     I'm not pointing fingers, but it was Hulford.

"Boo hoo, I'm Hulford.. :( "

      So we've been away for a while. I've been working a lot of night shifts. Hulford's been feeding a lot of ducks in parks. Generally, we've just been pretty busy with "life" stuff to pump any juice into our internet personas, but here we are still. Blowing the dust off this old fella and hopping right back into full swing!

  MOVIES I LIKED (or saw) 

  -Man of Steel  Oh go to Hell, it was good. There was some pretty great iconic Superman imagery. It looked nice and clean. The performances were all for the most part good enough. Hey, I'm not saying it was a masterpiece. I will however call it the best Superman movie I've ever seen, and that's something right? All that being said, the ending was a little too much. Spoiler Alert: Superman causes the deaths of nearly three quarters the population of Metropolis. B-

  -Elysium  Exceeded my expectations after I heard bad reviews. There was nothing wrong with this movie. It just didn't have the same freshness or surprise factor that District 9 did, but that doesn't make it not as good. Not better, but I will say as good. Lots of video game influence about, like District 9, and Sharlto Copley's villain is by far my favorite of all villains this year. That man is an insane actor. B

-Pacific Rim  This movie was pretty fun and very chaotic. It's hard to pinpoint exactly who or what it is actually about at times, but that might be what it has going for it. It flies off the seat of its pants. You can't blame a movie for being cartoonish and a little off the beaten path if it never claimed to not be. Charlie Kelly gave it a go in this and nailed it. Arguably the main character. Lets argue! B+

-This is the End  Pretty much what I had expected. A little more at times. Some of it was a little "inside" at times. You're expected to know these people, and you really don't. The jokes were all pretty great though. Jonah Hill was pretty funny. The ending was fun. It was fun. I like fun movies. B+

-The World's End  This one was a little tricky for me. I really wanted to like it a lot, and that may be what was wrong with it. I had gone in expecting too much. Don't get me wrong, these folks are great joke-makers. I was laughing out loud for the most part, but the story did not engage or convince me much. Maybe because I'm not quite as old as the people who wrote it yet? Maybe because I'm not British? Or maybe they just didn't get as drunk as advertised, which is strange to be disappointed by, but it's true. They don't. Hell, I've only seen it once, and I'm sure that after a second or third viewing I will grow to appreciate World's End. I will say that the climax scene was very enjoyable. C+


-Europa Report  This movie surprised me. It seems these days that good science fiction has been downsized to what it actually would be: Six people confined to a very small area for a very extended amount of time. Laser guns have been replaced by boredom. All the magic is happening outside the vessel, and has little importance to the story. My kinda movie! The performances were all great. Once again, Sharlto Copley is an insane actor. That all being sad, it could have done without all the exposition, but that's not a complaint or anything. Watch it! A-

     So anyway, I'll wrap this up real quick for now. We'll be around here and there. We've got a producer/intern now. Steve "Minotaur" Richardson has agreed to help us out with a few things, and... Oh shit, yeah by the way, we're trying to get back to the moon, but nobody likes us.  Steve says he can get us there, but I don't know... Lets find out together!


"I'll see you in your dreams!"

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lunar Media Broadcast Presents: Frankie Says Go To Sleep

Insomnia is an issue that affects people of all types and from all places, especially the moon! We have created this audio sleep aid to help alleviate this issue... so turn up the volume, get comfortable, and prepare to fall asleep through the pseudo-science of hypnosis!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Episode Six -Either Our Best or Worst Episode Yet

EPISODE 6 - Either Our Best or Worst Episode Yet
In this extra long and extra late episode of Lunar Media Broadcast, David is grumpy, Windsor is drunky, Kudos is jumpy, and then they all take some hexafluoride to talk about E3, Super 8, and... what, Indiana Jones AGAIN??? Uggghh...

Monday, June 6, 2011

Episode Five - All God's Creatures Go To Sleep At Night

EPISODE 5 - All God's Creatures Go To Sleep At Night
In this extra long installment of the Lunar Media Broadcast Hulford, Windsor, and their hyper-intelligent dolphin Kudos discuss the upcoming E3, the terrible X-Men: First Class, and Kudos' rivalry with his arch-rival, the hyper-intelligent jar-opening octopus Laurence.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Episode Four - Oh God, We Loved L.A. Noire Sooo Much...

Episode 4 - Oh God, We Loved L.A. Noire Sooo Much...

In this episode, Hulford, Windsor, and an uncharacteristically withdrawn Kudos discuss L.A. Noire, a couple of Vietnam movies, Solomon Grundy (famously born on a Monday), and the Dark Knight for some reason.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Episode Three - Our Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular

EPISODE 3 - Our Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular

Hulford, Windsor, and Kudos put off their L.A. Noire discussion until next week due to logistical issues and a moon buck shortage, and instead discuss the Indiana Jones Tetralogy, the ending of Enslaved, and delicious delicious blue sprinkles.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Two Lightsabers and a Technodrome

Good morning Earth! Windsor here, and while it's fresh in my mind I'd like to tell you about a dream I just had. Ok so I was living in my old house except it was a bigger version of it with a lot more rooms. (which tells me that dream-me is rich!)I guess I had just woken up from throwing a party but all my friends were gone and somebody, as a joke I suppose, had broken a pen and poured ink in my eyes while I was sleeping. My face was all black with ink and I quickly ran to the bathroom to wash it off, but it had already created these weird black pimples on my face and when you popped them they would ooze with ink and they were very painful. (I sometimes have dreams where I can feel actual pain.) One of them oozed back into my eyes causing my eyelid to swell up, and that's when I realized that someone had also done a poor job shaping my eyebrows with a razor. I was not very pleased, and I could not go to the King of Prussia Mall with the rest of my family.

Anyways, Hulford, Kudos and I have just last night recorded our third episode of the Lunar Media Broadcast. This one I was particularly excited about and I think it could have actually gone on for much longer because we discussed one of my favorite topics which is Indiana Jones! As you may know, if you've been paying some attention, Hulford is now watching The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones which leads us into a discussion where mostly we discuss The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and how it came to be. Then we go on to talk about how people hate it for all the wrong reasons and how Hulford and I hate it for all the right reasons. I don't think I got out all I really wanted to say about Indiana Jones in so short amount of time, but we'll loop around again some day and tackle that badass topic once again. So that'll be up in a few days. Sit tight and listen to our other two episodes over and over and over again, real loud.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Holy crap! We have a working RSS feed! You can totally subscribe to us on iTunes now!

Bono and Oprah are psyched

Hey Broadcast listeners, David Hulford here with some good news! Despite the obstacle of not knowing what an RSS feed was as of 24 hours ago, and the fact that I'm still not 100% on what an RSS feed is even now notwithstanding, we totally have an RSS feed! It works! I used it to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, and it totally downloaded the latest episode right into the damnable thing, with our logo and everything!

I tell you this not only because I am super excited to have successfully idiot-savanted my way through its creation, but because now you can subscribe to us on iTunes too! It's so easy that even a guy who isn't quite sure what an RSS feed is can do it, I'm telling ya! Here, I'll walk you through it, first let me figure out how to include the HTML code in order to--


RSS Feed Orange Box Thingy

That familiar looking guy right there is what we in the business of not knowing proper Internet terminology call a "RSS feed orange box thingy" and is extremely useful! Clicking on it will allow you to not only subscribe to our podcast feed on iTunes, but on Google Pages or Podnova or Pageflakes or all sorts of RSS feed catcher things I've never heard of. So click on it and you'll find yourself on a page listing all those options and more! ...Anyway, for purposes of this explanation let's assume you just wanna use iTunes because you aren't some crazy Pageflake using weirdo. Click on "Add to iTunes," which will launch iTunes, (assuming you have it) then a whole bunch of magical computery stuff will happen and BOOM, there we are on your iPod! Easy, no?

So anyway, if you aren't at a place where you can do it now, and let's say for some reason Windsor goes into some sort of blog entry writing frenzy and pops out like fifty updates, you can always find our little orange friend just under our new snazzy logo on the right column of the page.

Next up: Figuring out how to get our humble moon podcast into the iTunes store proper...

Friday, May 20, 2011

Two Orbital Rotational Platforms and a Microphone

Hey there Broadcast listeners, intrepid Lunar Media team member David Hulford here, doing a bit of moon-blogging ("moon-blogging" is Internet slang for "Blogging on the Moon"). This is my first entry, as Lunar Media team member John Windsor beat me to it, and I thought I'd use the opportunity to tell you a little bit about not only myself, but our mighty fine Internet-radio-program. ("Internet-radio-program" is Internet slang for "podcast")

So how does one go about introducing themselves? With the basics, I suppose. My full name is Davetholomew W. Hulford (the "W" stands for "Westminster") and I was born with a full head of hair in Philadelphia in 1985. Then for the next eighteen years or so, not much happened.

Windsor and I met in our senior year at Penncrest High School (Go Warhawks!) in 2003.We were both involved heavily in the arts, and soon collaborated on a short film entitled "Final Project" which was called "bold" and "visionary" and promptly lead to my being suspended.

Upon graduating in 2004, I went on to do various writing projects and artsy things, most notably a long stint as a set decorator and mask-master at a local college.

Then in 2009 Windsor and I were sent to the moon by a government program studying the effect of near weightlessness on lazy people. Soon after arriving, before we were assigned our moon-jobs, we met Kudos, our hyper intelligent dolphin side-kick and accomplished poet in his own right. It quickly became clear that Windsor had a knack for communicating with this noble sea-mammal, and I had a knack for communicating with Windsor, so our roles were soon set.

A year or two after our lunar relocation, we began seriously discussing the possibility of starting a podcast, initially coming up with (and quickly dismissing) fanciful concepts and premises. ("Like, what if we acted like we still lived on Earth, and like we pretended to have a dog that was really good at poker named Rosebud?") Soon though, we just decided to go with what we know: Movies, music, books, video games and television, plus life on the moon, and marine biology.

We quickly cut the intensively researched and exhaustively detailed marine biology section of the show (Kudos was saddened), and we were left with what you know and love as the Lunar Media Broadcast today!

Anyway, thanks for checking out our companion blog, and we hope you keep checking out our weekly Broadcast.

David Hulford

p.s. We're still figuring out how to do all of the podcasty stuff, like RSS feeds and stuff, not to mention our eventual hope to get on iTunes, so if you know about any of this stuff, or of someone who does, please drop us a line and let us know at a minimum what we're doing wrong, and ideally what we should be doing to do it right, cause our lead web designer is a dolphin who neglected to mention to us that he studied web design through Devry University in like 1998 and hasn't had any experience since. Thanks!

Episode Two


In the second episode of the Lunar Media Broadcast Windsor, Hulford, and their dolphin sidekick Kudos discuss the Green Hornet, Darren Daulton, The Kinks, and the incredible usefulness of Moon Shoes for those actually on the moon.

Episode One


The inaugural episode of Lunar Media Broadcast, where Hulford and Windsor discuss Thor, L.A. Noire, and the late, debatably great Michael Chrichton with their dolphin pal Kudos.