Friday, February 12, 2016

There's Been An Awakening...

     Hello, fellow travellers! The time has come, yet again, to blow the dust off this old thing and get our asses back into gear. So, that's what we've been doing, very... very... slowly. Basically, we all have lives, outside the Moon, and those lives put the Lunar Media Broadcast on hold for a while. But we're coming back, full swing, and we got a few new members, whom you will meet later.
     Anyway, for those of you who don't know who we are, we are Lunar Media. We had a podcast a few years back that consisted of myself (John Windsor,) David Hulford and our hyper-intelligent dolphin pal, Kudos. We called the podcast the Lunar Media Broadcast, and in it we would discuss current movies and video games, and other such entertainment, as they came out in real time, from our moon-base on the Moon. That big grey ball you see in the sky.
^^ This thing, up there. 
 We voiced our opinions and ideas on the people who made such movies and games, etc... and we presented our voices to the world (You) in the best way that we knew how. Not a whole lot of people caught on at first, but it was fun to do for the time that we did it, and then we ended it pretty abruptly, out of lack of time to sit around talking into microphones.
We have cameras now!
    But here we are again, and we've got a few new members in our crew. Two STEVES actually. Stephen Chandler, who will be taking care of most of the video editing and camera work and whatnot, and Stephen Richardson, who is and expert in SOUND. We've got a new show called "Movies by Memory" where we recall and recite to you, the viewer, the entirety of a movie, one episode at a time, and we've got some other ideas we've been kicking around that we think you'll enjoy too.
We'll have live feeds of us playing video games, and other kinds of video content, and we're gonna start back up the good old-fashioned podcast as well. So that all should be up fairly soon on our YouTube channel, which will also be up and running fairly soon, once we've worked all the kinks out. And of course, you can find everything on here and on our Facebook page, and who knows, maybe we'll have a Twitter account pretty soon, for those of you who like Twitter.
     Ya got it? All good? Great! So anyway, sit tight. Maybe do some other things for the time being, like kiss your loved ones, or kiss other people. Get done all the kissing you need to get done, and we should be good by the time you're done all of your kissing.

See? We're working! (That's us working.)

Thanks for being patient! It's good to be back! See you soon!