Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Episode Three - Our Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular

EPISODE 3 - Our Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular

Hulford, Windsor, and Kudos put off their L.A. Noire discussion until next week due to logistical issues and a moon buck shortage, and instead discuss the Indiana Jones Tetralogy, the ending of Enslaved, and delicious delicious blue sprinkles.


  1. Bit of a weird glitch toward the end of this one, and I wound up having to re-record a line or two, so that's why the sound quality suddenly changes at one point. We're all about transparency here at Lunar Media Broadcast.

  2. Karl Rove is going to die of lethal injection if found guilty.
    And it would he great to hang the Queen.
    ( If the Brits aren't all corrupt and find her guilty ,as well.)