Monday, May 23, 2011

Two Lightsabers and a Technodrome

Good morning Earth! Windsor here, and while it's fresh in my mind I'd like to tell you about a dream I just had. Ok so I was living in my old house except it was a bigger version of it with a lot more rooms. (which tells me that dream-me is rich!)I guess I had just woken up from throwing a party but all my friends were gone and somebody, as a joke I suppose, had broken a pen and poured ink in my eyes while I was sleeping. My face was all black with ink and I quickly ran to the bathroom to wash it off, but it had already created these weird black pimples on my face and when you popped them they would ooze with ink and they were very painful. (I sometimes have dreams where I can feel actual pain.) One of them oozed back into my eyes causing my eyelid to swell up, and that's when I realized that someone had also done a poor job shaping my eyebrows with a razor. I was not very pleased, and I could not go to the King of Prussia Mall with the rest of my family.

Anyways, Hulford, Kudos and I have just last night recorded our third episode of the Lunar Media Broadcast. This one I was particularly excited about and I think it could have actually gone on for much longer because we discussed one of my favorite topics which is Indiana Jones! As you may know, if you've been paying some attention, Hulford is now watching The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones which leads us into a discussion where mostly we discuss The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and how it came to be. Then we go on to talk about how people hate it for all the wrong reasons and how Hulford and I hate it for all the right reasons. I don't think I got out all I really wanted to say about Indiana Jones in so short amount of time, but we'll loop around again some day and tackle that badass topic once again. So that'll be up in a few days. Sit tight and listen to our other two episodes over and over and over again, real loud.

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