Saturday, May 21, 2011

Holy crap! We have a working RSS feed! You can totally subscribe to us on iTunes now!

Bono and Oprah are psyched

Hey Broadcast listeners, David Hulford here with some good news! Despite the obstacle of not knowing what an RSS feed was as of 24 hours ago, and the fact that I'm still not 100% on what an RSS feed is even now notwithstanding, we totally have an RSS feed! It works! I used it to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, and it totally downloaded the latest episode right into the damnable thing, with our logo and everything!

I tell you this not only because I am super excited to have successfully idiot-savanted my way through its creation, but because now you can subscribe to us on iTunes too! It's so easy that even a guy who isn't quite sure what an RSS feed is can do it, I'm telling ya! Here, I'll walk you through it, first let me figure out how to include the HTML code in order to--


RSS Feed Orange Box Thingy

That familiar looking guy right there is what we in the business of not knowing proper Internet terminology call a "RSS feed orange box thingy" and is extremely useful! Clicking on it will allow you to not only subscribe to our podcast feed on iTunes, but on Google Pages or Podnova or Pageflakes or all sorts of RSS feed catcher things I've never heard of. So click on it and you'll find yourself on a page listing all those options and more! ...Anyway, for purposes of this explanation let's assume you just wanna use iTunes because you aren't some crazy Pageflake using weirdo. Click on "Add to iTunes," which will launch iTunes, (assuming you have it) then a whole bunch of magical computery stuff will happen and BOOM, there we are on your iPod! Easy, no?

So anyway, if you aren't at a place where you can do it now, and let's say for some reason Windsor goes into some sort of blog entry writing frenzy and pops out like fifty updates, you can always find our little orange friend just under our new snazzy logo on the right column of the page.

Next up: Figuring out how to get our humble moon podcast into the iTunes store proper...

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