Friday, May 20, 2011

Two Orbital Rotational Platforms and a Microphone

Hey there Broadcast listeners, intrepid Lunar Media team member David Hulford here, doing a bit of moon-blogging ("moon-blogging" is Internet slang for "Blogging on the Moon"). This is my first entry, as Lunar Media team member John Windsor beat me to it, and I thought I'd use the opportunity to tell you a little bit about not only myself, but our mighty fine Internet-radio-program. ("Internet-radio-program" is Internet slang for "podcast")

So how does one go about introducing themselves? With the basics, I suppose. My full name is Davetholomew W. Hulford (the "W" stands for "Westminster") and I was born with a full head of hair in Philadelphia in 1985. Then for the next eighteen years or so, not much happened.

Windsor and I met in our senior year at Penncrest High School (Go Warhawks!) in 2003.We were both involved heavily in the arts, and soon collaborated on a short film entitled "Final Project" which was called "bold" and "visionary" and promptly lead to my being suspended.

Upon graduating in 2004, I went on to do various writing projects and artsy things, most notably a long stint as a set decorator and mask-master at a local college.

Then in 2009 Windsor and I were sent to the moon by a government program studying the effect of near weightlessness on lazy people. Soon after arriving, before we were assigned our moon-jobs, we met Kudos, our hyper intelligent dolphin side-kick and accomplished poet in his own right. It quickly became clear that Windsor had a knack for communicating with this noble sea-mammal, and I had a knack for communicating with Windsor, so our roles were soon set.

A year or two after our lunar relocation, we began seriously discussing the possibility of starting a podcast, initially coming up with (and quickly dismissing) fanciful concepts and premises. ("Like, what if we acted like we still lived on Earth, and like we pretended to have a dog that was really good at poker named Rosebud?") Soon though, we just decided to go with what we know: Movies, music, books, video games and television, plus life on the moon, and marine biology.

We quickly cut the intensively researched and exhaustively detailed marine biology section of the show (Kudos was saddened), and we were left with what you know and love as the Lunar Media Broadcast today!

Anyway, thanks for checking out our companion blog, and we hope you keep checking out our weekly Broadcast.

David Hulford

p.s. We're still figuring out how to do all of the podcasty stuff, like RSS feeds and stuff, not to mention our eventual hope to get on iTunes, so if you know about any of this stuff, or of someone who does, please drop us a line and let us know at a minimum what we're doing wrong, and ideally what we should be doing to do it right, cause our lead web designer is a dolphin who neglected to mention to us that he studied web design through Devry University in like 1998 and hasn't had any experience since. Thanks!

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